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TI MSP430 Development BoardTMS320C6747 Based DSP Trainer

TMS320C6713 Based DSP Trainer
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TMS320C6713 Based DSP Trainer

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This Kit provides new performance enhancing Features such as USB Communications. This is Suitable for applications that require optimized Combination of Power Performance & area. Suitable for the range of Signal processing applications, including speech Compression / decompression Speech recogniation, echo generation and Cancellation.


  • Highest performance floating point Digital signal processor (DSP)
  • 150 MHz Clock rates
  • 6.7ns Instruction cycle time
  • 16 bit external memory interface (EMIF)
  • 16 bit Host-port interface (HPI)
  • Two multichannel Audio serial ports (MCASPs)
  • Two multichannel Buffered serial ports (MCBSPs)
  • Inter integrated circuit (I2C) Module


  • 4KB L1P Program cache memory
  • 4KB L1D data cache memory
  • 256KB L2 unifies cache mapped RAM


  • 512Kx 8bit FLASH for monitor Program
  • 4M x 16 bit SDRAM for External Memory.
  • 8 way DIP switches & LEDs to user interface
  • LCD interface, I2C RTC
  • Stepper motor Interface
  • On board USB and UART for serial communication
  • PCM3002 Audio codec